Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored

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The perfect blush is essential for achieving a radiant, healthy looking complexion. Physicians Formula is a well-known beauty brand that produces many excellent, good quality products that not only offer a skin care benefit but also enhance your natural beauty. But top of the list is Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush Powder in Blushing Natural.

Product Features

Packaging and Design

Physicians Formula Powder is filled in a stylish and effective compact case which is housed in a unitary design. Its sleek case is ultra-slim and effortlessly portable so you can apply makeup on the go. The translucent lid allows you to get a full view of the medley of colors inside, making it look more attractive.

Shade and Color

It’s also a natural shade that looks good on a variety of skin tones. From peach to pink to rose, there are even shades that you can mix together for a made-for-you (fine, almost) flush. This multi-hued idea is formulated to make sure a fair coverage which blends in with these contour highlight and bronzer shades and the organic differences in skin color, giving an all-cover appear.

Ingredients and Formula

Made with only the best and skin friendly ingredients which are of the high quality Its non-allergic property makes it perfect for sensitive skin. It is free of talc and non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores or cause irritation. It contains mica for a light reflective luster and natural color pigments for a long-lasting vibrant color.

Application and Performance

How to Apply

You can apply this blush to your face using a soft blush brush for an even and seamless application. Gently tap brush off to get rid of any excess pigments on the brush, then quickly swirl your brush over the entire palette to pick a mix of colors. When applying the blush, give your smile to let the apples of your cheeks be seen and blend upwards in the direction of your temples. Layer on as needed for pigmentation that suits many skin tones.

Texture and Blendability

Physicians Formula Powder blush has a smooth, velvety consistency and is easy to blend. While many blushes can often look streaky and patchy on application, this one applies like a dream, leaving the skin looking even and natural with every use. Some of the main reasons why makeup enthusiasts have ranked it as their best LA Girl Blush is its blendablity.


This blush is created to last a long time, which is a great help in terms of longevity. Its color last so many hours without fading as said by users. This blush is perfect to keep your looking face fresh and lively whether you are going to work or an evening out. Reviews and hands-on shows that this watch does incredibly well with wear time, so it can be trusted on most occasions.


I recommend the Physicians Formula Powder Natural to anyone interested in a great product across the board. It is packaged so conveniently, comes in extensive range of shades, contains skin safe ingredients and performs brilliantly that you always need it your makeup stash.  Try it for yourself & see the beauty difference!

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